How To Build A Thriving Real Estate Investing Business in 2023 Hosted By Shenoah Grove


Are you looking to build a real estate investing business that thrives in 2023 and beyond?

Whether you're a newbie investor looking to do your 1st deal or a veteran looking to grow your business to the next level, coming to this REIA event is the perfect way to end the year.

So much of what we learn about real estate is strategy-based: How do I (find deals, raise capital, make repairs, manage tenants, etc...)

And for good reason.

But if you want to build a profitable, sustainable, and FUN career as a real estate investor, it's just as important to have the proper mindset.

Real estate investing is more like a marathon than a sprint, and along the way, there will be several bumps in the road. If you don't have the proper mentality, you won't make it very far or last very long.

That is why Club President Shenoah Grove has prepared a special presentation to help investors take their business to new heights. At our live REIA event, you'll learn:

➡️ Shenoah's 21 proven steps to achieving your real estate goals

➡️ How to get from 'where you are' to 'where you want to be' thru real estate

➡️ How she's been able to insulate herself from market booms & busts since 2003

➡️ Proven successful habits required for you to hit your goals

➡️ Live Q&A

Here's a big secret that goes against the grain of what you may believe about real estate success: it's not all about who you are, or where you came from, or even how hard you hustle. It's about doing what most people don't: thoughtfully, intentionally designing a business that fits your vision, your lifestyle, your passions, and your personality.

You'll leave this meeting knowing.

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Dallas Addison Marriott Quorum in the Galleria
14901 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75254



The Dallas Chapter Of The Texas Wealth Network

The Dallas REIA is the Dallas Chapter of the Texas Wealth Network, the largest Real Estate Investment Association (REIA) in Texas. We pride ourselves on providing access to deals, money, partners, buyers, sellers, service providers, and just about everything an investor needs to make money in real estate. We also take pride in providing quality local real estate education, as well as plenty of opportunities for networking with other real estate entrepreneurs. Since 2002, The Texas Wealth Network has been the largest such investing group in Texas and we just keep growing.

The Association president is Shenoah Grove, a REALTOR and Broker licensed in Great State of Texas (license #518223), as well as a real estate investor who has participated in facilitating, negotiating, or transacting more than 1,200 real estate transactions since 2003, using multiple combinations of real estate strategies.

Mrs. Grove started this monthly Association in order to provide local investors with the opportunity to put opportunities with money, meaning that if you have a deal but no money, you may find an investor with money at this investment association. Conversely, if you have money but no properties, you’ll be able to find people with properties in this investment group.

Remember, it just takes one connection to turn a dream into a profitable transaction… and to potentially change your life forever... so join us on the second Thursday of every month!

The Dallas REIA is the Dallas Chapter of The Texas Wealth Network, the largest group of Real Estate Investment Associations in Texas!

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